How to get perfect brows

July 30, 2014
July 30, 2014

Nicely groomed brows can frame and pull your entire look together. However, trying to achieve the perfect brow can be a challenge, we all have one brow longer, thicker or sparse in areas. Years ago the ‘in’ thing was thin brows. Now big thick brows like Cara Dele​vin​gn​e are all the fashion.

With this step by step guide I hope you can achieve the perfect brow to suit you.

1. Start by brushing your brows into place so they are all sitting flat in the same direction with an eyebrow brush.
MAC brow brush




2. I like to use MAC Espresso eyeshadow in brown,(it suits 99% of all clients I work with and you can use it as a eye shadow for smoky eyes as well) apply with a flat edged or a small angled brush for better control of a dark product. Load your brush with the eye shadow. Tap your brush on your hand to remove excess product.

MAC eyeshadow

MAC eyeshadow espresso







MAC Cosmetics: Eye Shadow in Espresso MAC Cosmetics: 212 Flat Definer Brush

3. Angle your brush upwards on a slight vertical and in short strokes lightly fill in your brows, following your natural brow shape. ​W​hen you get to the arch of your brow or the high point, turn your brush on an angle facing downwards and continue to fill in your brows to finish.

4. ​For​ a guide ​line​ of where your brow should end, you can measure by placing your brush on the corner of your nostril and lining the brush vertically to where your brow should finish. ​  ​

5. If you make a mistake by going to long or too dark use a cotton bud to lightly take off the excess product.

6. To finish, set your brows with a setting product ​or hairspray works just as good, ​ to fix​ your brows​ and to avoid any rouge hairs going in different directions.
MAC gel






And that’s basically it! I’ve specifically chosen all Mac products so you can do your shopping all in one go at MAC. ​Good luck!

Brazilian Blowout Special

July 29, 2014
July 29, 2014


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Make-Up & Blow-Dry Offer

July 29, 2014
July 29, 2014


Date night coming up? Special event? Get your make-up done by the awesome and very talented Krystina Te Kanawa and a beautiful bouncy blow-dry by our young designer team all for only HK$1,000!

Terms and Conditions:
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Product Sale

July 16, 2014
July 16, 2014

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Benjamin Amey a stylist with a deft touch for hair color

July 14, 2014
July 14, 2014

Geraldine Lai - Benjamin ReviewBy Geraldine Lai – Published in A Beauty Feature

Up for a new look? At Hollywood Hair in Central, Benjamin Amey has such a deft touch with hair color, ideal for any executive who needs to move seamlessly between the boardroom and their social lifestyle. Recently advising a regular client on a new style, Benjamin recommends adding some color in terms of subtle highlights: a technique often referred to as “Shoe Shine”. Benjamin went on to say “Its old school,” which had a caring sound about this technique. He adds: “When it’s your first time for hair color, you need professional advice – a stylist to sit beside you, not talk from above but to sit alongside of you to instill confidence and excitement about what will be a new look”.

Read the full review on A Beauty Feature.

To book an appointment with Benjamin Amey at Hollywood Hair 23/floor, No 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 852 2861 9830

Hollywood Hair salon: Get your colours on in Hong Kong!

July 14, 2014
July 14, 2014

By Kate Farr –  Published in Accidental Tai-Tai

Kate Farr-Rennie Review.2It’s really hard to find a hair stylist that understands colour in Hong Kong. Blondes tend to have the toughest time of all, with friends reporting from the frontline on fried, over-processed ends and greenish streaks, but us redheads also struggle when it comes to finding someone who can deliver intensity of colour while staving off the intense fade that reds can suffer in the harsh climate. (Science factoid: red fades faster than other hair dyes as the colour molecules are larger and wash out more easily than other shades, resulting in brassiness, not to mention that telltale pink tide all over your white towels!)

That’s where the stylists at Hollywood Hair come in. Read more

Young designer team referral offer

June 20, 2014
June 20, 2014

sharing secrets


Treat a friend and we’ll treat you in return

We truly appreciate your recommendations of your friends as new clients to the Young Designer Team (Ben, Rex, Ari and Gordan) at Hollywood Hair. To thank you and to welcome your friends to our great team we want to treat them to 20% off their first cut and blow dry and in return you’ll also get a treat of HK$150 off your next booking at Hollywood Hair.

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Beat The Humidity With These Easy Make-up Time & Money Savers

June 19, 2014
June 19, 2014


KT WS1Summer is well and truly upon us now and everything is hot and sweaty from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed and everything in between! The last thing you want is to spend ages on your make-up only to have it melt off! Here’s a few base tips and tricks that will keep your make-up in place and keep you looking damn hot this summer (excuse the pun).

The base: The not so new fad on the street is still BB cream. It’s a 4 in 1 miracle worker, eliminating time and extra products.

The benefits of BB:

  • Minimum SPF 30
  • Great moisturizer
  • Can be used as a primer
  • Actively repairs your skin with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants

The coverage is more then a tinted moisturizer but less coverage then a normal foundation.  It’s super easy to use and looks naturally flawless on the skin making it the perfect time and skin saver. All make-up counters have a range of BB creams to suit all budgets.

If you really want extra hold I highly recommend the Laura Mercier Primer, your make-up won’t go anywhere with this fab product! Put it on freshly cleaned skin before your BB cream or foundation to make sure your make-up stays put.

Waterproof, oil-free, silicon based and 12-18+hr products are the best to make your make-up stay put for eyes and lips. I know waterproof mascara is a pain to get off but if you want your lashes to stay on your lashes and not the rest of your face then waterproof is the way to go. Mac Zoom Water Lash is nice to use and not clumpy.

The lips: If you have a tendency to eat your lipstick off then opt for long lasting lipsticks that stay on for hours. If you’re scared your lips will go dry, add a touch of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream to your lips for a good injection of moisture at the start of your make-up routine, by the time you are ready to put your lipstick on your lips will be super moist and soft.

If it ‘s all still a little over whelming and you would like extra help, Krystina offers 2 hour make-up workshops either privately or in groups at the salon, or arrangements can be made for the workshops to be held at your home. Krystina can also extend her services to make-up shopping to take the hassle out of not knowing what to buy and what works to help you go home with the right products that suit you and your skin. Please enquire at

See the pictures on Facebook of Anita at her workshop with Krysitna and a very happy review: ”Very very very very very very happy client!!!! You are a magician and a wonderful teacher Krystina!!!”


Make-up trends to try yourself

May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014

Fashion eyeliner makeup on model eyes. Sexy wild cat styleThe trend of the season, and one that has come back again and again is the ‘cat eye’ of the 1950s and ’60s. It’s definitely one achievable on your own. If you’re not confident about applying make-up, the secret to any eye liner application is to draw the lines first, and then clean them up to look the way you want. Draw the lines first- using a long-bristle paint-brush style eyeliner brush – and then go over them again for extra drama. use a fine-pint cotton bud to clean up the lines and create the desired look that suits you best. Just keep practicing!

My favourite eyeliner gel is Mac’s fFuidline Blacktrack gel eyeliner, which I find to be ultra-smooth and easy to apply, as well as long-wearing and smudge-proof.


Quick ‘do

May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014

Beautiful woman with brown long healthy smooth hairSometimes fast trumps stylish when it comes to your hair but I’ve got a few tips to help you achieve both!

  • Ease up on the shampooing. There’s no need to wash your hair every day, and doing so is likely to strip your hair of its natural oils and cause damage. A bit of natural oil in your hair helps your ponytail look sleek.  If you hair seems a little too oily, but your strapped for time, try using hair spray, gel or dry shampoo. Spray it in, brush it out and you’re instantly given style and volume. Try your best to last 3-4 days in between washes.
  • Vary your ponytail. There are so many ways to make a ponytail: high, low, side, messy – whatever look suits you best or that occasion. Accessorise your ponytail for a finished look, clip a bit of bling or flower next to the elastic you used to make the ponytail.
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